Authors: Rakušanová, Petra
Based on differentiation between the terms civil society and the third sector the text defines the space of civic participation. The establishment of terminology and theoretical framework appears to be a key component, as the terms civil society and third (non-governmental) secto...
Authors: Pat Lyons and Rita Kindlerová (eds.)
Do Czechs want equality?Are Czechs a nation of grumblers?Are Czechs prejudiced?How do Czechs spend their time?Czexit?What do Czechs think about migrants and do Czechs fear foreigners?Price of the book 350 CZK or US$14 (552 pages)The book is available from a number of on...
Authors: Pat Lyons
This book demonstrates what the polling evidence tells us about changes in Irish opinion since 1970 towards key issues: The economy - has the Celtic tiger economy changed Irish citizens? --- Northern Ireland - have aspirations for a united Ireland disappeared with the peace proce...
Authors: Jehlička, Petr, Tomáš Kostelecký
Project summary:
Project duration: 2014 - 2018
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The Sociological Library is a modern specialised library, which is intended to serve the needs of researchers, students, and the wider academic community. Library collection contains just about 25 thousand volumes. All items are available for use in the library study hall and abo...
Head of department: Mgr. Nela Hesová
Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences (IS CAS) in cooperation with Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University invites applications for one PhD fellowship on Legitimacy Crisis and Anti-Corruption (post-crisis strengthening of accountability to rule-of-law s...
Authors: Smith, Michael L.
Not only do citizens in most Central European countries have the right to initiate referendums that are binding on local government, this book also shows that citizens in this region are also making greaer use of this possibility. The book focuses on the indentification of factor...
Authors: Vajdová, Zdenka (ed.)
A role of social capital and of its individual dimensions working at overcoming the impacts of economic crises is analysed. Study focuses on a detailed analysis of the inhabitants of the Kraj Vysočina with a supposed high level of social capital, and of Ustecky kraj with a suppos...
Authors: Stachová, Jana, Josef Bernard, Daniel Čermák
Jakou roli může hrát sociální kapitál v teoriích regionálního rozvoje? Jaké jsou souvislosti sociálního kapitálu v České republice? Jaký vztah je mezi sociálním kapitálem jednotlivců a jejich sociodemografickým, sociokulturním, socioekonomickým a teritoriálním zázemím? A jak si s...
Authors: Stachová, Jana
The regional elites express a higher level of generalized and institutional trust in comparison with the average among the Czech population. The cause of this difference can be found in the income inequalities and in the level of education. The regional elites express also a grea...
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