Authors: Schwarzenberger, Astrid (ed.)
The aim of this project was to provide reliable data and information on the real and effective distribution of (teaching-related) costs of higher education. The shares of public and private costs were calculated for students of different socio-economic origin, reflecting social d...
Authors: Simonová, Natalie, Dimonik Antonowitz
This article aims to compare development in tackling educational inequalities and attempt to evaluate their policies and reforms from the beginning of socialism to-date in the Czech Republic and Poland. A considerable difference in the number of higher education institutions emer...
Authors: Matějů, Petr, Natalie Simonová
The paper addresses the development of higher education in the Czech Republic after 1989, with a special emphasis to the relevant legislation, institutional settings, financing and enrollment. The most significant structural changes in the Czech tertiary education system addresse...
Higher education is becoming increasingly important in knowledge societies and, simultaneously, undergoing a rapid and profound change. The present project explores contemporary transformations
Project duration: 2011 - 2013
Authors: Matějů, Petr, Michael L. Smith, Petr Soukup, Josef Basl
The aspirations and expectations of pupils are one of the most significant causal factors on achieving higher education. Educational expectations are also incfluenced by the social status of the family, the institutional context of educational systems, and other factors. The goal...
22. 1. 2015
Politika a každodennost na českých vysokých školách: Etnografické pohledy na vzdělávání a výzkum
Pozvání na uvedení knihy, na níž se podílel tým ze Sociologického ústavu: Politika a každodennost na českých vysokých školách: Etnografické pohledy na vzdělávání a výzkum (Sociologické nakladatelství, 2014).
The Sociological Library is a modern specialised library, which is intended to serve the needs of researchers, students, and the wider academic community. Library collection contains just about 25 thousand volumes. All items are available for use in the library study hall and abo...
Head of department: Mgr. Nela Hesová
ESA 2015
Na konci srpna, 25.–28. 8. 2015, se bude v Praze konat významná, již 12. mezinárodní sociologická konference Evropské sociologické asociace. Zúčastní se jí rekordní počet 3500 vědců a vědkyň, především z Evropy, ale i z mnoha mimoevropských zemí. Konferenci pořádá Sociologický ús...
GENDERACTION will create an innovative policy community for the implementation of the gender priority in the European Research Area (ERA) by setting up a network of representatives appointed by national authorities in thirteen Member States and Associated Countries, with five Ass...
Project duration: 2017 - 2021