Authors: Tholen, Jochen, Ludovit Czíria, Eike Hemmer, Zdenka Mansfeldová, Ewa Sharman
Authors: Hraba, Joseph, Rehan Mullick, Frederick O. Lorenz, Jiří Večerník, Sangmoon Lee
The post-communist transitions in Europe are both economic and political reforms. Experiences with the economic reforms and attitudes about them might undermine support for the democratic reforms, a possible contradiction embedded in post-communist transitions. We examined first...
Authors: Linková, Marcela, Mladenic, D, Oleksy, E, Palasik, M, Papp, E, Piscová, M, Velichová, D.
The monograph explores the issue of women in science in five countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia). It embeds the issue of women in science in a historical perspective ...
Authors: Hamplová, Dana, Céline Le Bourdais
This study investigates the relative similarity of educational assortative mating patterns among young married and cohabiting couples using Canadian census data from 2001. It contrasts the patterns observed in Quebec with those observed elsewhere in Canada, as these regions displ...
Authors: Belleau, H., J. Charbonneau, Dana Hamplová, Evelyn Lapierre-Adamcyk, B. Laplante, Solène Lardoux, Cécile Le Bourdais, France-Pascale Ménard, M. St-Amour
Authors: Večerník, Jiří
Statistical income surveys are used to show the separate and joint effects of taxes and transfers on the distribution of household income among employees in the Czech Republic. On the face of it, the state takes more from and gives less to households, compared with the situation...
Authors: Hašková, Hana
There has been a marked trend towards the postponement of childbearing and increased childlessness in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) since the 1990s. In this chapter, current scientific debates and theories of fertility dec...
Authors: Kapusta-Pofahl, Karen, Hašková, Hana, Kolářová, Marta
It has been argued that changes in funding sources and structures have greatly affected contours of Czech women’s organizing. Authors analyzed the relationship between organized activity and grassroots support in the postsocialist Czech Re...
Science as a public matter: science policies and the media - Karel Čada, Alice Červinková, Marcela Linková, Dana Řeháčková, Tereza Stöckelová
Authors: Lux, Martin
The book contains a description and evaluation of the housing system reform in the Czech Republic constituting part of the transition from centrally planned to market economy. It addresses two goals: to evaluate housing subsidy reforms by applying improved methods of welfare econ...
7. 10. 2002
Místo konání: Ústav dějin umění, Husova ulice 4, Praha 1
Authors: Kolářová Marta
The paper examines gender aspects of the alter-globalization movement. Focusing mainly on demonstrations in Prague and Genoa, the research draws on participant observation, interviews with activists, analysis of the alternative media of the movement, and activist and scholarly li...
Authors: Kolářová, Marta
This paper examines gender aspects of tactics of the alter-globalization movement. Focusing mainly on two transnational collective actions in Prague in 2000 and in Genoa in 2001, the research draws on participant observation, interviews with activists and analysis of the movement...