Authors: Hašková, Hana, Zuzana Uhde (eds.)
The authors argue that the recognition of care and carers in society requires rethinking of the citizenship paradigm focused on paid work and ideal of the independent individual. The obstacles for gender equity are addressed by examining the social organisation of childcare as a...
Authors: Kostelecký, Tomáš, Vobecká, Jana
Social inequalities have increased in the Czech Republic since the collapse of communism. While this has not led to an intensification of territorial inequalities, yet the analysis of the Prague metropolitan area presented in this chapter shows that pressure toward socio-spatial...
Šetření se týká postojů veřejnosti ke klimatickým změnám, energetické bezpečnosti a energetickým preferencím a postojů k sociálnímu zabezpečení v měnící se Evropě.
30. 11. 2017
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Authors: Chaloupková, Jana
The book under review focuses on the situation after partnership dissolution in terms of 1. change in disposable income, 2. female labour market participation, 3. residential mobility, and 4. living conditions. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the economic consequences of...
Authors: Krejčí, Jindřich
The article presents practical information on the sources of Czech social survey data for both researchers interested in data on Czech society and data professionals interested in the state of the art of data services. Czech survey research was deeply affected by the communist re...
Authors: Simonová, Natalie, Tomáš Katrňák
The paper provides a survey of the key thematic and methodological milestones in research into educational inequalities. It focuses on authors and concepts that introduced major innovations and contributed to significant advancements in the analysis and knowledge of educational i...
Authors: Císař, Ondřej, Kateřina Vráblíková
The goal of this paper is to analyze the impact the EU has had on Czech women‟s groups since the 1990s. Drawing on both Europeanization and social movement theories, the first section defines the theoretical standpoint of the paper. The second section is focused on the impact of...
Authors: Bergman, S., Hašková, Hana, Pulkrábková, Kateřina, Rantalaiho, M., Valiente, C., Uhde, Zuzana
The chapter focuses on the analysis of women´s movements´ claims-making around child-care and their agency in the remakingof the concept of social citizenship. It explores the frames used by women´s movements to articulate and justify their child-care...
Authors: Simonová, Natalie
This article deals with the evolution of inequalities in access to tertiary education in the Czech Republic since 1989. The opening hypothesis of this article is that there has been an increase in educational inequalities in the Czech Republic since 1989. The hypothesis of the gr...
Authors: Basl, Josef, Simonová, Natalie
The text gives information about the research visits within “Access to Research Infrastructures Programme“, in the European Centre for Analysis in the Social Sciences (ECASS) at University of Essex in Great Britain. The research visits are supported by European Commun...
Authors: Smith, Michael L.
An extended book review that overviews the arguments, data and analysis of the book Nerovné šance na vzdělaní (Unequal Chances in Education), edited by Petr Mateju and Jana Strakova.
Authors: Trusinová, Romana
Information about the possibility to apply for a short visits programme of competence centers of the ESS.
Europe is facing huge socio-economic challenges: an economic crisis with a young generation in search of jobs, population ageing potentially straining inclusion and innovation of our societies, climate change with its pressures to redesign energy, transport and housing patterns,...
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