Authors: Vinopal, Jiří
The Discussion of Subjective Quality of Working Life Indicators. This article discusses the main types of methodological approaches to the examination of subjective working life quality. In particular, it points out their common traits and differences and therefore shows their po...
Authors: Radimská, Radka
Pierre Bourdieu, the living legend of French sociological theory, died. His "grand theory" strives to answer almost all the key sociological questions of the 20 century: the question of power and dominance, social reproduction, symbolic violence, cultural practices, soc...
Authors: Lux, Martin
The book contains a description and evaluation of the housing system reform in the Czech Republic constituting part of the transition from centrally planned to market economy. It addresses two goals: to evaluate housing subsidy reforms by applying improved methods of welfare econ...
Authors: Nešpor, Zdeněk R.
The review article that analyses three recent contributions to the sociology of religion written by European scholars and provides general overview on various versions of European scientific approaches towards religion, also in comparison with the state of the art of American soc...
ADAPT2DC partnership aims to develop transferable strategies for the provision of innovative solutions to restructure the management of services and infrastructure in shrinking regions and cities from Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovenia.  
Project duration: 2011 - 2014
Authors: Stöckelová, Tereza, Konopásek, Zdeněk, Zamykalová, Lenka
This article is based on a case study of a long-term public controversy over the construction of a highway bypass (around Plzen,Czech Republic). Two principal variants of the bypass were proposed. One of them began gradually to appear preferable, increasingly attractive for exper...
Educational Aspirations in a Comparative Perspective. The role of individual, contextual and structural factors in the formation of educational aspirations in OECD countries - Petr Matějů, Petr Soukup, Josef Basl
Authors: Martin, Šimon
A key issue in socio-economic geography is to understand how regional and social polarisation shapes the territorial organisation of society. We argue that effects of polarisation are not translated simply and straightforwardly in a whole region, but vary to a large extent with r...
Authors: Ménard, France-Pascale, Dana Hamplová, Cécile Le Bourdais
Authors: Matějů, Petr, Michael L. Smith, Petr Soukup, Josef Basl
The aim of the paper is to assess the effect of education system stratification, its vocational specificity and permeability on the formation of educational aspirations in OECD countries participating in PISA 2003. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of ability, gender, and...
Authors: Klíma, Michal, Zdenka Mansfeldová (eds.)
Authors: Hofäcker, Dirk, Jana Chaloupková
Based on data from the ESS, round 3 we investigate 1) to what degree there still exist standardized patterns in the timing and sequencing of family transitions, 2) the relationship between family patterns and socially established norms. Our results confirm that the degree of dest...