Authors: Jurik, Nancy, Křížková, Alena, Pospíšilová (Dlouhá), Marie
PurposeThis paper aims to utilize a mixed-embeddedness approach to examine how state welfare policies, employment conditions and gender norms shape orientations to divisions of business and domestic labor among Czech copreneurs, i.e. romantic couples involved in businesses togeth...
Authors: Kolářová, Marta
The books addresses gender aspects of globalization and anti-globalization movement globálky and in the Czech Republic. It focuses on a question where the anti-globalization critique meets the feminist critique of globalization. The text presents feminist critique of globalizatio...
Authors: Čadová, Naděžda, Miloš Paleček (eds.)
This publication introduces readers to the concept of ´quality of work life´, its relationship to the quality of life in general, and various perspectives on and interpretations of these categories. The main part of the publication is an analysis of the results of an...
Around the world there are various branches of socio-economic research that make work and jobs their focus object of study. This interest has been heightened by the current economic recession, which has increased the risk of unemployment and raises questions about future changes...
Project duration: 2014 - 2016
Authors: Anýžová, P., Kubátová, H., Matějů, P.
Authors: Hašková, Hana, Klenner, Christina
We examine pre1989 and post1989 work-care models in Czech, Slovak and East German societies. Once problems of the modernized gender model emerged, Czechoslovakia and GDR set two distinct policy paths and differences in work-care practices and values...
Authors: Hašková, Hana, Saxonberg, Steven
The authors combine historical and sociological institutional analysis to show that despite thepolitical and socio-economic transformation in 1990s, the institutional development during andbefore the communist era provides the best explanation for current childcare policies in Ce...
The Institutional Background of Czech Sociology before the Onset of Marxism - Zdeněk R. Nešpor
5. 5. 2014
Oddělení Gender & sociologie si vás dovoluje pozvat na přednášku: Francine M. Deutsch, Professor of Psychology at Mount Holyoke College: "Equally Sharing Household Labor: How Couples around the World Undo Gender One Diaper at a Time".
Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences (IS CAS) in cooperation with Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University invites applications for one PhD fellowship on Legitimacy Crisis and Anti-Corruption (post-crisis strengthening of accountability to rule-of-law s...
Authors: Kostelecký, Tomáš, Martina Mikeszová
The popular image of Prague is that the city is rich and its citizens earn high salaries and have high living standard. The chapter asks two questions: Do higher average salaries of Prague citizens mean higher purchasing power? Are all citizens of Prague better-off than people li...
Authors: Maříková, Hana
The article deal with the historical development of the childcare facilities, analyses their availability, flexibility, affordability. It is focused on the parental acceptability of the facilities for children as well as the other working time arrangements facilitating combinatio...
Authors: Hamplová, Dana
Text studies life satisfaction and happiness of Czech men and women. It works with ISSP 2002 data. Basic socio-demographic factors are analyzed (sex, age, education, marital status and cohabitation). Satisfaction with family life and satisfaction with work is also included in the...
Authors: Šaldová, Kateřina
Publication Paths through the Labyrinth. On the Scientific Profession, Private Life and Their Inter-connections discusses the concept of work and life balance in relation to scientific career of women and men. 5 authors discuss discourses, framings and situations that arise aroun...