Mezinárodní konference- Central European Science Day 2006 - „Changes in the Society – Research Opportunities in the Region”

30. 10. 2006

5. prosince 2006, Bratislava (Hotel Danube, Rybné námestie 1), Slovensko

Since the beginning of 1990s the region of central Europe has experienced tremendous changes. The society is facing challenges that are influenced by various factors. „New“ member states joining the EU, open market, free mobility of people and goods, preparation for joining the Schengen Area, migration from third countries, protection of equal rights for everyone, but also computerization and new technologies – these are just a few points research could focus on. The changes do not appear isolated in some countries only. They can be seen as an ongoing process, occurring in some areas slowly and in other areas rather fast. Exploring the current situation with an eye to the future can prepare citizens better for understanding the need for changes. It can also contribute to avoid possible negative reactions as a result of prior positive affection of the society.

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