Russian DIY and DIY in Russia: Stereotype and social practice

16. 9. 2019
15:00, Zasedací místnost Etnologického ústavu AV ČR, Na Florenci 3, 5. patro

Přednáška s následnou diskusí je jedním ze série workshopů pořádaných v rámci výzkumného projektu NAKI "Kutilství a jeho význam pro českou národní a kulturní identitu".

How to think, study, and interpret DIY-like discourses and practices in the Russian/post-Soviet context
Dr. Zinaida Vasilyeva
Munich Center for Technology in Society (Technische Universität München)

Many foreign observers, just like many Russians themselves, agree that Russians do share a particular material culture characterized by the widespread practices of making, remaking and repairing objects. Starting from this common-sense opinion, I continue disentangling the “Russian/Soviet DIY” as a stereotype and demonstrate how many diverse social forms and contradictory discourses inform this phenomenon from inside and outside the Russian society. My analysis is guided by two general research questions:

1) how the Soviet modern project made DIY material culture its inherent characteristic and what kind of subject emerged as a result of this project?

2) how the context of rapid and radical transformations influenced the way individuals remember and speak about DIY objects and practices in the post-Soviet context.

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