Seminář: Měření chudoby v USA - doplňující přístup

18. 8. 2016
13:30, AKC, Husova 4a, Praha 1

Sociologický ústav AV ČR, v.v.i., si Vás dovoluje pozvat na mimořádný seminář, kde vystoupí Thesia I. Garner, vedoucí ekonomka statistického odboru Ministerstva práce USA s prezentací věnovanou nejnovějšímu
výzkumu v měření chudoby.

 Seminář: Měření chudoby v USA - doplňující přístup

Abstrakt v anglickém jazyce:


Supplemental Poverty Measurement in the U.S. - Thresholds and a Missing Data Problem 

Poverty measurement in the U.S. has been going through much re-examination in recent years with much of this spurred by guidelines developed by the U.S. federal 2010 Interagency Technical Working Group (ITWG). The ITWG proposed the development of a poverty measure that would supplement but not replace the current official measure.  These guidelines underlie much research at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau, the agencies that had been producing experimental research based poverty measures and statistics; the earlier work was based on the National Academy of Sciences recommendations published in 1995. Since 2010, Thesia I. Garner and Kathleen Short, along with other staff members, have been conducting research on the Supplement Poverty Measure (SPM). The presentation focuses on underlying theoretical and empirical issues related to the SPM research thresholds. Highlighted is an issue that affects the production and interpretation of the thresholds: how to account for consumption in the presence of government in-kind transfers.

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