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2010, Mgr., Gender Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University Prague;

2010, Mgr., Public and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University Prague;

2005, Bc., Social and Cultural Antropology, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University Prague.

Field of specialisation: 

Hana Tenglerová is a gender expert, analyst and policy consultant in science and research policy. As a member of working groups of the Council for Research, Development and Innovation, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and Council for Gender Equality, she cooperates with national authorities in implementing governmental strategies. She leads the NKC team of the STRATIN+ project, which aims to provide expert support to state institutions and is currently also involved in the CZERA project, which aims to meet Czech, European and international commitments to gender equality in science. In addition, Hana participates in creating the Monitoring Reports on the Status of Women in Czech Science (between 2008 and 2016 as an author, since 2018 as an editor). She also contributed to establishing the Milada Paulová Award given by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. In the past, she was in charge of the department's online communication (newsletter, social networks and the web) and is responsible for the Twitter account.

Hana also takes part in European projects. For example, in the Horizon 2020 project Gender-SMART, she cooperates on external monitoring and evaluation. In the past, she was responsible for communication and advocacy activities of the Horizon 2020 project GENDERACTION and continues this activity in a follow-up project GENDERACTIONplus.

Foreign scholarships, fellowships or other academic study abroad: 

2008 - University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Sociology.

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