vědecký asistent

Curriculum vitae

  • 2012: PhD in "Social Sciences: Communication, Interactions and Cultural Constructions", University of Padova – Department of Sociology;
  • 2008: Master in "Work, Organization and Information Systems", University of Trento – Department of Sociology;
  • 2005: Bachelor in "Political Science and International Relations", University of Trieste – Department of Political Science.
Field of specialisation: 

You can find all of my publications via my Google Scholar profile https://scholar.google.it/citations?user=BtdZK8cAAAAJ&hl=it or my ORCID profile https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5894-8652.

I am currently involved in RESISTIRÉ, a European (H2020) project aimed at understanding the impact of COVID-19 policy responses on inequalities through a conceptual gender+ framework. The goal is to design, devise and pilot policy solutions and social innovations to be deployed by policymakers, stakeholders and actors in various policy domains.

The common thread of my research path has been the attention to the dynamics of interaction between different human and non-human actors in the construction of technoscientific knowledge and artifacts, with particular attention to the power dynamics involved. Initially, this translated into the observation of the co-construction of decisions and knowledge within processes involving the relationship between technoscience, society and environment. My theoretical and methodological frameworks were mainly related to Science and Technology Studies, with a particular focus on political science and political sociology. Recently I have taken advantage of this background in the discussion about Participatory Design, with particular attention to the interaction between technologies and issues related to social innovation, inclusion, power inequalities, economic and environmental sustainability. My research activity and academic production have focused on the debate about the design of technology, platforms and services to support a more just society.

I have also collaborated with the Department of Information and Library Studies of Masaryk University as lecturer for the "Designing techcnologies for/with communities" and "Service Design Workshop" courses.