Postdoctoral researcher

Curriculum vitae


2012 – 2020    Ph.D., Sociology, Masaryk University

2009 – 2012    Master's, Sociology, Masaryk University

2009 – 2012    Master's, Gender Studies, Charles University

2007 – 2010    Bachelor, Philosophy & Fim Studies, Palacky University

2006 – 2009    Bachelor, Sociology & Gender Studies, Masaryk University

Foreign scholarships, fellowships or other academic study abroad: 

2015 – 2016    Fulbright Scholarship, Center for Cultural Sociology, Yale University, New Haven, USA


Biographic information: 

Vanda Maufras Černohorská, Ph.D., focuses on gender inequalities in the context of feminist institutionalism and intersectional perspective. Currently, she works at the National Contact Centre for Gender & Science, focusing on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and related policies on existing gender inequalities as part of the RESISTIRÉ research team. In the past years, she explored the effect of the European Structural Funds on gender equality in the Czech labor market. Her doctoral research investigated the relationship between digital technologies and the contemporary feminist movement in the Czecho-Slovak region. Her other research interests include the issue of qualitative methods and multi-disciplinary approaches within the social research and co-creation practices related to gender-sensitive policy design. She was awarded a Fulbright grant and spent 2015/2016 as a Visiting Assistant in Research at the Yale Center for Cultural Sociology.

Since 2013, Vanda has worked for the NGO sector, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, focusing mainly on migration issues and women’s rights. As of 2020, she serves as a chairwoman of the Gender Expert Chamber of the Czech Republic.


Selected Publications

Černohorská, Vanda, Zuzana Očenášová, and Agnes Kende. 2023. "The COVID-19 Pandemic and Gender+ Inequalities in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia: The Heteronormativity of Anti- Pandemic Measures and Their Impact on Vulnerable Groups." Gender a výzkum / Gender and Research 24(1):114-134.

Nyklová, B., Moree, D., Maufras Černohorská, V. 2022. Ignorance as a Factor in the Inconsistent Regulation of Domestic Violence against Women as Mirrored in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review, 58(5), 533-562. doi: 10.13060/csr.2022.034

Černohorská, V.  M. 2019. “Who’s Afraid of the Istanbul Convention? Resisting ‘Gender Ideology’ in the Age of Digital Feminism”. Pp. 91-107 in Feministische ZIrkulationen zwischen Ost und West, ed. by Annette Bühler-Dietrich. Berlin: Frank & Timm.

Černohorská, V.  M. 2019. “New Media Activism and Central European Feminism”. Pp. 269-283 in Handbook of Contemporary Feminism, ed. by Andrea Press and Tasha Oren.  New York: Routledge.