Published: 31. 7. 2006
Press releases

Public Opinion Research Centre, Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Jilská 1, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic tel./fax: +420 286 840 129, +420 221 183 591-2

Press conference gave us information about first results of survey that was realized after the elections to the Chamber of Deputies by the Institute of Sociology of Academy of Sciences. Specialized academic post-election survey was never executed and results of other surveys were seldom put together by scientists.Post-election survey was focused on electoral behaviour, its stability and changes over time and its impact on formation of political representation. Basic formula of electoral behaviour was introduced, that monitor dominant factors that are formed by electoral decision-making. Survey monitored the importance of class-voting and of party affiliation and of voting based on key program topics , influence of electoral system on voting-strategy of voters and influence of other contextual variables (character of election campaign, personal influence of party leaders and other candidates etc.)
Voting–mobility was described in contrast to previous elections.And also a part of those who did not take part in elections was presented – what this group is specific in, their party preferences and what was the cause of their decision – not to take part in elections.
Separate topic was reflexion of pre-election surveys of voting-preference, their methodological correctness, results and possible impacts on pre-election situation and on official results of the election.

How did Czechs vote? [24.7.2006]

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