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Published: 1. 8. 2008

New Publication - Socioweb 7-8 / 2008

This issue of Socioweb is the second English language edition

Socioweb provides a window for presenting current research into topics that span the range of questions examined with the social sciences and public policy making.

As the winds of autumn begin to gather and the harvest season approaches, we have a veritable feast of knowledge to share with you. While the focus in this issue is on showcasing some of the state-of-the-art social science research under-taken within the Institute of Sociology: all of the themes addressed here form part of more general debates vexing the minds of the great and the good. It is the sincere hope of both this month’s contributors, and the editorial board of Socioweb that you will find something of interest in the articles contained in this issue.


Seznam článků tohoto čísla:

Overview of Current Research Undertaken at the Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague (Josef Bernard)
Part-time Work: A Promise or a Trap? (Marta Vohlídalová)
Who Supports Whom? Family Policy in Light of ‘New Social Risks’ (Eva Soukupová)
Is Corruption a Strategy for Life Success in the Czech Republic? (Michael L. Smith)
Birds of a Feather Flock Together … Does my job determine how I see myself and others? (Julia Häuberer)
How inter-connected are citizens in society, and why does it matter? (Jiří Šafr)
Is Where you Live Linked to How Rich you Are? (Petr Sunega, Martina Mikeszová)
Good Fences Do Good Neighbours Make: Czech–German Cross Border Cooperation in the Extended European Union (Václav Houžvička)
Does Who You Ask Determine the Answers You Get? (Jindřich Krejčí)
Does the Media Have A Long-Term Impact on the Public Agenda? (Tomáš Trampota, Markéta Škodová )
Catching Seriously Bad Dudes: US Counter-terrorism Strategies (Alžběta Bernardyová)
When Security Fails: the Czech Experience of Invasions and Takeovers in 1938, 1948 and 1968 (Alžběta Bernardyová, Pat Lyons)

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