Peer-reviewed journal article
Dlouhá, Marie. 2014. „Kdy je třeba říci dost: Když etická dilemata ve feministickém výzkumu překročí určitou mez.“ AntropoWebzin 1: 11–19. ISSN 1801–8807. [cit. 26.9.2014]. Available from:

Every researcher has to deal withnumerous ethical questions during the wholeresearch process. Ethical dilemmas are partiallybased on the theoretical perspective of theresearcher. My perspective in gender and entrepreneurshipresearch was a feminist approach,which is primarily based on rejecting the valuefreenature of research, and accepting a politicalcommitment to create knowledge which could improvethe position of women in society. This articlepresents research which started in autumn 2012.I planned to do a complex case study of one projectwhich helps women to start their own businesses.The biggest ethical problem which emerged in theprocess of research was the imbalance betweenmy values and the values of the organizers andparticipants of this project. Double responsibility– towards participants of the research andtowards my scientific caused the termination ofthe research. The main reason was the fact thatit would be impossible to present and publishany results – any form of presentation would beagainst the values of one or the other side. The articleshows that terminating research is one of theways a researcher can solve his/her ethical dilemmas.


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