Seminář Participation and Democracy: Norms, Inequality and Extremism in Post-Democratic Society

30. 10. 2014
14:00, zasedací místnost 207, Jilská 1, Praha 1

Sociologický ústav si vás dovoluje pozvat na pravidelný čtvrteční seminář s tématikou politické participace. Přednáška a následná diskuse proběhne v anglickém jazyce.

Čtvrteční sociologické semináře

Profesor JAN W. VAN DETH z University of Mannheim

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Participation and Democracy:  Norms, Inequality and Extremism in Post-Democratic Society

Modes of political participation change rapidly. The major driving force behind this continuous development seems to be shifting motives and goals people try to attain with their political activities. Increasingly, citizens prefer modes of participation, which allow them to express their moral and ethical points of view instead of supporting organized actions to protect common interests. The main goal of this presentation is to explore the relationships between different  modes of participation and support for so-called norms of citizenship. Contrary to the usual focus on the determinants of political participation, the emphasis lies on the characteristics of politically active versus non-active citizens. Are specific parts of the population under- or over-represented among citizens using various modes of participation? And are politically active citizens, the ‘better’ democrats; that is, do they show stronger support for civic virtues than less active people do? Do they represent more extreme positions as frequently suggested? Empirical analyses (CID, ESS and especially ISSP data) show that support for civic virtues is clearly related to the modes of participation used. Whereas citizens using newer modes of participation indeed show more support for civic norms the differences between participants and less active citizens appear to be relatively limited in many democracies.