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Chábová, Kristýna. 2017. „Measuring corruption in Europe: Public opinion surveys and composite indices.“ Quality & Quantity 51 (4): 1877–1900.

This article offers a concise overview of composite indices and public opinion surveys measuring corruption perception and bribery on the European level and ascertains their quality and usefulness based on several criteria. Specifically, this article covers measures by the World Bank (Control of Corruption), Transparency International (Corruption Perception Index and Global Corruption Barometer), European Social Survey, International Social Survey Programme, World Values Survey, and Eurobarometer. First, this article discusses the measures from the qualitative point of view, especially from the point of country and time coverage and possibility of microanalysis and analysis in time. Then, these measures are analysed from the quantitative point of view. This article concludes which measures are best to use for statistical analyses focusing on corruption perception and experience with bribery. Such an analysis has not been done yet on corruption indicators and can prevent errors in future research.


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