Peer-reviewed journal article
Nešpor, Zdeněk R. 2018. „Postsekularismus po česku? Ne/religiozita současné české společnosti mezi Východem a Západem.“ Střed 10 (1): 101-118. ISSN 1813-9243.

Th e article contributes to critical analyses of contemporary European religion and (rather loose) conceptualisations of post-secularism. Return of religion into the public space, which may be called post-secularism, is visible and growing even in predominantly outchurched Czech Republic. However, the very concept of post-secularism is too broad to be used as an analytical category. Th e author thus tries to operationalise it using functional diff erentiation between (social types of) churches and Davie’s idea of vicarious religion. Using empirical studies on religion, the author outlines the varying public roles of religion and religiosity in contemporary Western and post-Communist European countries, and emphasises the middle position of the Czech Republic. However, the anomalous position will hardly persist forever. Th e author is convinced that Czech churches and especially their leaders are currently facing a choice between the Western and Eastern models of public religious life and church-state relations.


religion and religiosity
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