Published: 4. 1. 2019

V prosinci naše knihovna doplnila svůj fond o řadu nových titulů.

Jsou to například:

  • The Routledge companion to landscape studies / P. Howard, I. Thompson, E. Waterton (eds.),
  • Leisure as source of knowledge, social resilience and public commitment : specialized play / L. Kjølsrød,
  • What is qualitative longitudinal research? / B. Neale,
  • Feminisms in leisure studies : advancing a fourth wave / edited by Diana C. Parry,
  • Whatever happened to the leisure society? / A. J. Veal,
  • Climate change and storytelling: narratives and cultural meaning in environmental communication / Annika Arnold,
  • Fluid gender, fluid love / D. C. Byrne, W. Yong Ade,
  • The Sage handbook of neoliberalism / D. Cahill, M. Cooper, M. Konings, D. Primrose (eds.),
  • The personalization of democratic politics and the challenge for political parties / W. P. Cross, Ri. S. Katz, S. Pruysers (eds.),
  • Předpoklady pro ekonomický vývoj v roce 2019 / M. Fassmann, T. Pavelka,
  • Democracy under stress : changing perspectives on democracy, governance and their measurement / P. Guasti, Z. Mansfeldová (eds.),
  • Chinese sociology: state-building and the institutionalization of globally circulated knowledge / H. Fai Chen,
  • a další.

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