Peer-reviewed journal article
Ďurďovič, Martin. 2018. „Schützova koncepce sociální intersubjektivity.“ Pro-Fil 19 (2): 12 - 27. ISSN 1212-9097. Available from:

Schutz’s concept of intersubjectivity departs from radical, philosophical analyses of the constitution of the other (alter ego) in my consciousness. Instead, he takes the existence of the other and his or her subjectivity for granted and investigates the intersubjective relations of understanding and action among individuals. The shifting of phenomenological lifeworld theory from philosophy to sociology enables Schütz to study social interaction and order. The article identifies the premises of this concept in Schutz’s view of subjectivity, meaning and structures of relevance. It also distinguishes between co-lived and typified intersubjectivity and treats the latter as an original contribution to interpretative sociology. Due to the analysis of intersubjectivity, Schütz goes beyond the position of (methodological) individualism, which is sometimes attributed to him.

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