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Daniel Čermák, Jana Stachová, Matouš Pilnáček. 2022. „Perception of the Connection between the Covid-19 Pandemic and Climate Change in the Czech blogosphere.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review Online first: 1-19. ISSN 2336-128X. [cit. 13. 12. 2022]. Available from:

The article is dedicated to reflecting the links between the climate crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic crisis in the context of Czech social media, specifically on several blogging platforms. The processes leading to the climate and pandemic crises are highly intertwined, based in the way humans interact with the environment on a global scale. However, the circumstances and consequences of both crises, as well as the ways they are dealt with, also share common features. The authors identify such contexts as reflected on blogging platforms by undertaking a qualitative analysis of texts from an interpretative phenomenological perspective. Climate scepticism is connected to pandemic scepticism, on the one hand, and to acceptance of the pandemic as a real threat, on the other hand. Conversely, acceptance of the climate crisis can be associated with both acceptance of the pandemic and pandemic scepticism.

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