Looking into new Geopolitical EU from and the EU Enlargement from historical perspective

Topic: economics, energetika, EU, globalisation, legitimacy, politics (and political attitudes)

Type of publication: Other publicationDepartment: Political Sociology

The study maps the situation of standardized interviewing at interactional level ad at the level of cognitive processes in respondents` minds.

Topic: methodology, sociological data

Type of publication: MonographDepartment: Public Opinion Research Centre

The book follows the controversy over the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture. I look at the production and use of scientific expert knowledges and other knowledges and at the processes of globalization and localization, or political geography, as enacted in the case of GMOs. I also follow and analyse the processes whereby the legitimacy of agricultural GMOs is constructed or subverted and the strategies for the de/materialization of GMOs.

Topic: EU, legitimacy, politics (and political attitudes), sociology of science

Type of publication: MonographDepartment: Gender & Sociology

Book focuses on regional and local aspects of civil society in the Czech Republic. The theoretical section contains a summary of the development of knowledge in the field of civil society and civic participation from two partly opposing perspectives – the institutional and the socio-cultural. The results of empirical study of two selected regions indicate that both institutional and socio-cultural factors play a role in the development of civil society.

Topic: civil society, regions

Type of publication: MonographDepartment: Local and regional studies

Šafr, Jiří. 2008. Lifestyle and Social Class in the Czech Republic: The Formation of Symbolic Cultural Boundaries by Differentiated Taste and Consumption. Praha: Sociologický ústav AV ČR, v.v.i.

Topic: wages and incomes, social inequalities, lifestyle

Type of publication: MonographDepartment: Local and regional studies

The book presents a theoretical study and an original qualitative empirical study of fatherhood after divorce or separation. A total of 35 interviews were conducted with men with various social and educational backgrounds. It shows how contemporary fathers select between different repertoires of fatherhood and how they interpret them, and in this way they construct their own personal paternal role.

Topic: gender, human relations, parenting

Type of publication: MonographDepartment: Gender & Sociology

In this study the author examined the motivations for starting up a business and the life strategies for work and family balance in small and mid-sized entrepreneurship by men and women who started up independent businesses in the Czech Republic in the 1990s, and I situated the research in the context of the gender structure of Czech society.  

Topic: gender, work, family

Type of publication: MonographDepartment: Gender & Sociology

The core objective of this dissertation is to answer a question: What is the character of civil society in the Czech Republic in the context of Central Europe?. The author analyzes the role, character, financing and classification of Czech civil society, including a description of the barriers which the nongovernmental sector in the Czech Republic faces in the context of complex social processes such as transformation, Europeanization and globalization.  

Topic: globalisation, civil society, transformation

Type of publication: MonographDepartment: Political Sociology