Vydáno: 4. 5. 2006

The lecture will be held on Wednesday, 24 May 2006, at 2 pm
in room 207 (2nd floor) in the building of the Institute of Sociology AS CR, Jilská 1, Prague

Dr. Dagmar Simon works in the Department of Research Planning and Coordination at the Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB), where she specialises in the study of scientific policy, the organisation of science and research, and the evaluation of the activities of academic and non-academic research institutes. Her most recent publications include: Inter-Disziplinieren. Erfolgsbedingungen von Forschungskooperationen (by Martina Röbbecke, Dagmar Simon, Martin Lengwiler, Clemens Kraetsch, published in 2004 in Berlin by edition sigma), and ‘Selbststeuerung der Wissenschaft durch Evaluationen? Optionen und Grenzen institutioneller Forschungsbewertungen’, published in Evaluation wissenschaftlicher Institutionen, Wissenschaftsforschung Jahrbuch 2003 (edited by Klaus Fischer and Heinrich Parthey and published in 2004 in Berlin by Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftsforschung).



The lecture will be in English.

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