Vydáno: 28. 1. 2021
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New english issue of the journal Gender a výzkum / Gender and Research is focused on the Gender a výzkum / Gender and Research Economy 4.0 — The Digitalization of Labour from a Gender Perspective. Editors: Annette von Aleman, Julia Gruhlich, Ilona Horwath and Lena Weber.

Gende a výzkum / Gender and Research

The journal is available online.



  • Kohlrausch, Bettina, Weber, Lena: Gender Relations at the Digitalised Workplace: The Interrelation Between Digitalisation, Gender, and Work
  • Golsch, Katrin, Seegers, Marco: Perceptions of Technological Change at Work Through A Gender Lens
  • Abendroth, Anja-Kristin: The Gender Pay Gap in the Platform Economy: Comparing the Importance of Market and Organisational Dynamics on Two German Crowdworking Platforms


  • Alemann, Annette von, Gruhlich, Julia, Horwath, Ilona, Weber, Lena: International Perspectives About COVID-19, Digital Labour and Gender Work Pattern: A Collective Interview


  • Krug von Nidda, Sophie: Exploitation in the Digital Economy (Scholz, T. Uberworked and Underpaid)
  • Philipper, Matthias: The Invisible Force – How Algorithms Shape Society (O’Neal, C. Weapons of Math Destruction)


  • Sokolová, Věra: In Memoriam: Hana Havelková
  • Kastein, Mara: Conference Report on the Digital Congress of the German Sociological Association: ‘Society under Pressure’
  • Gruhlich, Julia, Horáková, Nicole: Conference Report on the Austrian-Czech Symposium ‘Where Does Work Stop, Where Does Life Begin? – The Transformation of Work in Austria and the Czech Republic’
  • Entgelmeier, Ines: Report on the Conference ‘Change in Work through Digitalisation = Change in Gender Relations?’
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