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Raudenská, Petra. 2021. „Mediation effects in the relationship between cultural capital and academic outcomes.“ Social Science Research ISSN 0049-089X. Dostupné z:

Following recent literature, this study focused on the mediating mechanisms through which cultural capital leads to students’ higher grades and academic ability. Structural modeling was applied to 2018 CZ_PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) data and the results showed that students’ family highbrow cultural resources and reading interest have indirect positive effects on their reading ability and school grades via non-cognitive skills (i.e., students’ aspirations and self-concept in reading,). The results also implied that only a negligible part of the relationship between students’ cultural capital and school grades is mediated by teacher-student relationships, which partly questions the core idea of Bourdieu’s cultural reproduction theory. Still, the study suggests that there could be a significant relationship between student’s beaux-arts consumption and their reading skills, however, this association could be rather indirect and mediated by student’s educational aspirations and self-concept in reading. Finally, the results did not reveal any substantial differences in the mediating mechanism for male and female or low-status and high-status students.

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