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Kolářová, Marta. 2023. „Permaculture and back‐to‐the‐land migration: Pursuing self‐sufficiency in Czech rural areas.“ Sociologia Ruralis 63(4): 865-885. Dostupné z:

This article focuses on the contemporary back-to-the-land migration of permaculture practitioners in post-socialist (1989–) Czechia. It explores the ideals and practices of self-sufficiency among back-to-the-land migrants as they relate to their migration motives and post-migration life, including the fulfilment of a dream of self-sufficiency and local community integration. This article deals with individual in-rural migrant projects and the experiences of permaculturists who live in intentional eco-communities. It draws upon data from in-depth interviews with back-to-the-land migrants and analysis of documents and field notes. The article concludes that the self-sufficient vision, part of a ‘family homestead’ concept promoted by permaculture teachers, is difficult to achieve for rural newcomers who must reformulate their visions to match the lived reality. The post-migration life of this group is further complicated by disillusionment with local community relations and difficulties integrating within their migration destination because of their distinctive lifestyle. Czech back-to-the-land migration related to permaculture differs from its western version in its inclination towards nature-based spirituality and a specific land structure still influenced by the forced collectivisation of the communist era.


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