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Fialová, Kamila. 2023. „Workers’ Satisfaction during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Central and Eastern Europe.“ Social Sciences 12: 505. ISSN 2076-0760. [cit. 18.9.2023]. Dostupné z:

This article analyses the determinants of worker satisfaction in Central and Eastern European countries, focusing on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For this purpose, the latest European Social Survey data were utilised in a multilevel framework, covering 5681 workers from eight countries. The results suggest that both the general stringency of policies aimed at containing the spread of the COVID-19 contagion and the resulting disruptions to individuals’ working lives significantly affected the well-being of workers. Workers’ satisfaction with their jobs was negatively affected mainly through decreases in work income, but the impact on their overall life satisfaction was more complex. While income reductions and workplace relocation negatively impacted life satisfaction, the opportunity and possible necessity to stay home more positively affected the life satisfaction of workers. Nevertheless, the overall stringency of governmental policies related to COVID-19 significantly reduced workers’ life satisfaction.

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