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Linek, L.

Rostoucí sociální nerovnosti ve volební účasti v Česku v letech 1990–2010

Linek, L. 2013. „Rostoucí sociální nerovnosti ve volební účasti v Česku v letech 1990–2010.“ Naše společnost 11(1): 3–14.

The aim of this paper is to analyze the social and class inequalities in turnout in the Czech Republic between
1990 and 2010. Thus, the study focuses on a description of the evolution of the relationship between turnout and key
characteristics of socio-economic status: education, income and social class. This research utilizes a pooled cross-sectional
post-election survey dataset from the Czech Republic fielded over two decades; and employs standard statistical methods,
i.e. contingency tables and convergence models, to analyze change in turnout among population subgroups. There are
signs of a gradual crystallization of both social and class inequalities in electoral participation. Convergence models reveal a
linear increase in educational and class inequalities in turnout. In the case of income, however, this study finds evidence of a
crystallization of income based inequalities in participation rather than a growth in inequalities per se.


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