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Curriculum vitae


2018 - PhD, social and cultural anthropology, Charles University, Faculty of humanities

2010 - MA, social and cultural anthropology, Charles University, Faculty of humanities

Field of specialisation: 

media studies, digital ethnography, digital anthropology, social media, internet culture, influencers, authenticity, gender inequalities in digital space, disinformation and conspiracies on social media, applied social science, ethnographic methods

Teaching activities: 

Faculty of Arts, Charles University - Introduction to Digital Ethnography

Undergraduate Programme in Central and Eastern European Studies, CERGE-EI - Human Rights in Central and Eastern Europe

Foreign scholarships, fellowships or other academic study abroad: 

2021 - visiting scholar, Centre for Research in Communication and Culture, Loughborough University, UK

2008 - 2009   research visit, Universidad Autonoma Mexicana, Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, Mexico City

2006 – 2007    Erasmus, Université Paris 7  - Denis Diderot, France



Biographic information: 

Marie Hermanova holds a PhD in social anthropology from Charles University. She finished her studies in 2018 with PhD thesis titled "Imagining the West - Marginality and Possible Lives at the Outskirts of a Mexican City". She conducted longterm ethnographic fieldwork in Chiapas, Mexico, from 2008 to 2015. She currently works as an associate researcher at the Gender and Sociology department at the Institute of Sociology, where she focuses on digital communication platforms, social media, internet culture, authenticity and gender norms. From January to July 2021 Marie was a visiting scholar at the Centre for Research for Communication and Culture at Loughborough University, UK. Besides her academic work, she writes for various Czech and international media. 


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