Project duration: 
2014 - 2016

A comparative study of working conditions in several European countries has been carried out, focusing on adjustments to working conditions with regard to different stages of the life course. The research took place in the following countries: the Netherlands (Laura den Dulk), Sweden (Dominique Anxo), Norway (Sevil Sümer), Poland (Dorota Szelewa), the Czech Republic (Hana Hašková and Renata Kyzlinková) and Germany (Christina Klenner and Yvonne Lott).

Principal investigator: 
Christina Klenner
social policy
Grant agency: 
International project

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Hašková, Hana, Kyzlinková, Renata

Employees in many European countries do have at their disposal various working-time options. Shorter working hours, leave options and flexible working-time arrangements enable employees to adjust their working time to meet their needs over the life course. The current study presents new national studies on working time options over the life course in five European countries.

care, work, social policy
Gender & Sociology
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Chapter in monograph