Project duration: 
2020 - 2023

The project aims to develop a teaching and learning tool of the Indo-Iranian languages at both academic and practical levels. The main objectives are 1) to create a free access electronic lexical database of Persian, and 2) to create a mobile application that will target practical use in field research and facilitate the teaching of colloquial forms of the language. The database will be provided with superior semantic fields, Czech translations of processed lexical units, notes, phrasemes and examples of use of selected lexemes within phrases intended for computer assisted learning. Its technical parameters will facilitate teamwork and in the future it will be possible to add some other Indo-Iranian languages, such as Dari, Tajik, Pashto, Kurdish, Hindi-Urdu within the follow-up projects.

TAČR, no. TL03000369

Principal investigator: 
Univerzita Karlova
Mgr. Ľubomír Novák (FF UK)
PhDr. Zuzana Kříhová, Ph.D., (FF UK)
Grant agency: 
Technology agency of the Czech republic