Project duration: 
2013 - 2016

De Tocqueville (1835) theorised that the exercise of citizen power in democracies depends fundamentally on both equality and active participation in public affairs. Consequently, political inequality will arise from differences in participation, although formal equality exists. This project explores the determinants of political inequality in the Czech Republic. A variety of statistical modelling techniques will be used on individual level and multilevel datasets. A case control design will be used to model both general and protesting citizen survey data to determine who protests and why.

This project will field Czech waves of two international survey research programme: 'Caught in the Act of Protest: Contextualizing Contestation' in 2013, and the ISSP 'Citizenship module' in 2014. This research will show what differentiates general and protesting citizens in terms of attitudes and behaviour. It will also demonstrate the importance of context for understanding general and protesting citizens' constellation of beliefs and level of activism.

Principal investigator: 
civil society
politics (and political attitudes)
Grant agency: 
Czech Science Foundation (GACR)

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Lyons, Pat, Kudrnáč, Aleš
politics (and political attitudes)
Political Sociology
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Article with impact factor