Peer-reviewed journal article
Beláňová, Andrea. 2018. „Být kaplanem v Česku: Zdroje nejistoty a nacházení opory.“ Český lid 105 (1): 25-43. ISSN 0009-0794. Available from:

Being a chaplain in the Czech Republic is an uncertain role. The country has a very low rate of religiosity and little trust in churches. The chaplains who provide spiritual care in the army, hospitals, and prisons face several sources of uncertainty: they must negotiate their position within the institutional structure; gain the acceptance of their clients, and often work with only little support. In this article, the author focuses on strategies the Czech chaplains devise to overcome these uncertainties. The text suggests that the effective way of support might be building non-threatening relationships with clients, maintaining working creativity, and strengthening the feeling of being called to chaplaincy by God.

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