Paper published in conference proceedings
Soukup, Petr, Natalie Jandová. 2001. „Češi a životní prostředí (na okraj jednoho výzkumu).“ Pp. 222-233 in Šauer, Petr (ed.). Environmentální ekonomie, politika a vnější vztahy České republiky. Praha: Nakladatelství a vydavatelství litomšlského semináře. ISBN 80-902168-7-0.

The article deals with the postmodernization theory founded by Ronald Inglehart. The authors tried to testify it on the data coming from an international survey ISSP done in years 1993 and 2000 and focused on attitudes and behaviour to environment. Main question of the article is following: "Are postmaterialists in the Czech Republic (who represent about 10 % of the population) more "friendly" to environment?" The findings show that Czech postmaterialists have higher knowledge of environmental area and they show higher rates of awareness of environmental consequences of human action.


value orientations
sociological data
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