Krejčí, Jindřich, Yana Leontiyeva (eds.). 2012. Cesty k datům. Zdroje a management sociálněvědních dat v České republice. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství SLON. 470 s. ISBN 978-80-7419-111-4.

The main aim of this book is to provide researchers on Czech society, politics and economy with two key resources: (1) a useful tool for working with data sources available for the study of Czech society and (2) a ready source of information and advice for processing their own research data. This book is divided into two parts where there is a progression in the first part from general features of data archiving and methods for searching data repositories toward consideration in part two of data resources in a range of social science domains primarily associated with the disciplines of sociology and political science; and to a lesser degree sister disciplines such as economics, social psychology and anthropology.


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