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Brokl, Lubomír, Zdenka Mansfeldová

Czech and Slovak Political and Parliamentary Elites

Brokl, Lubomír, Zdenka Mansfeldová. 1998. „Czech and Slovak Political and Parliamentary Elites.“ Pp. 131-140 in Higley, John, Jan Pakulski, Włodzimierz Wesołowski (eds.). Postcommunist Elites and Democracy in Eastern Europe. London: St. Martin's Press. 301 s. ISBN 0-333-71564-0.

This provocative and stimulating book argues that the structures and processes of elite politics in postcommunist Eastern Europe are critical determinants of democracy and political stability in the region. The East European regime transition were initiated and carried through principally by eli res, especially Gorbachevite reformers in the communist establishments. Changing configurations of national elites are shaping the prospects for democracy in the countries of post-communist Eastern Europe. In several countries there are unchecked power struggles between elites, with regimes oscillating between democratic and authoritarian tendencies. In other countries, restrained elite competitions are being institutionalized and are leading to stable democratic regimes. These and other outcomes are analyzed for the region as a whole.


politics (and political attitudes)