Chapter in monograph
Fónadová, Laura, Tomáš Katrňák, Natalie Simonová. 2019. „The Czech Republic: From Ethnic Discrimination to Social Inclusion in the Educational System.“ Pp. 379-419 in Peter A. J. Stevens, A. Gary Dworkin (eds.). The Palgrave Handbook of Race and Ethnic Inequalities in Education. Second Edition. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. 1292. ISBN 978-3-319-94723-5. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-94724-2_10.

This chapter describes the main ethnic minority groups within the Czech education system and shows the main features of Czech social policy development. Then, it presents the method of selecting individual studies focused on ethnicity and ethnic difference in the Czech educational system and justify their organisation into three traditions. The main body of the chapter is dedicated to reviewing the works of each research tradition. Finally, it gives an overview of the authors´ findings as well as formulates recommendations for further ethnicity research in the Czech educational system.


social inequalities
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