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Linek, Lukáš, Jan Outlý

Czech Republic: Is It Possible To Buy Political Stability?

Linek, Lukáš, Jan Outlý. 2008. „Czech Republic: Is It Possible To Buy Political Stability?“ Pp. 77-94 in Roper, Steven D., Janis Ikstens (eds.). Public Finance and Post-Communist Party Development. Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate. 174 s. ISBN 978-0-7546-7179-4.

This key volume explores how party and campaign finance in post-communist countries have influenced the development of the party system. Based on an analysis of nine case studies, the work examines how the implementation of public finance affects the pattern of party competition and the role of money in elections. One of the lessons from the post-communist experience is that, no matter how well-designed, public finance systems are subject to constant revision as parties, politicians and business elites exploit loopholes which can undermine the integrity of the entire system. Party and campaign finance systems must therefore be considered in a larger discussion involving party regulation and electoral rules.


politics (and political attitudes)