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Šimon, Martin

Exploring Counterurbanisation in a Post-Socialist Context: Case of the Czech Republic

Šimon, Martin. 2014. „Exploring Counterurbanisation in a Post-Socialist Context: Case of the Czech Republic.“ Sociologia ruralis 54(2): 117-142.

Urban-rural research in post-socialist countries has focused on urban transformation, the impact of international migration and the spread of suburbanisation; little attention has been paid to counterurban migration. The aim of this article is to propose a typology of counterurban migration strategies based on quantitative research in rural areas in the Czech Republic. Firstly, the article discusses the differences and similarities of counterurbanisation in western and post-socialist countries by bringing together counterurbanisation and post-socialist research literature. Secondly, detailed information about the counterurbanisation migration stream is provided on the basis of extensive field research. Thirdly, the article presents four basic types of counterurbanisation migration strategies, two lifestyle-oriented types and two economic-oriented types, based on household motivation, preferences and household employment location. The research demonstrates both general and specific features of counterurbanisation stream in the Czech Republic. 


migration and mobility