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Kapusta-Pofahl, Karen, Hašková, Hana, Kolářová, Marta . 2006. „Influence and Marginality in Formalized and Informal Czech Women´s Civic Organizing.“ Pp. 67-92 in T. McCajor Hall, R. Read (eds). Changes in the Heart of Europe: recent etnographies of Czechs, Slováka, Roma, and Sorb. Stutgart: Ibidem - Verlag. ISBN 3-89821-606-3.

It has been argued that changes in funding sources and structures have greatly affected contours of Czech women’s organizing. Authors analyzed the relationship between organized activity and grassroots support in the postsocialist Czech Republic. They suggested that despite the recent privileging of the formalization of organizations and networks by donor agencies, informalrelations and personal connections continue to be crucial to the success of both NGOs and informal feminist groups.



civil society
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