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Uhde, Zuzana. 2012. „K významu interkulturního dialogu pro práva žen.“ Pp. 145–155 in Svoboda, J., Štěch, O. (eds). Interkulturní vojna a mír. Praha: Filosofia. ISBN 978-80-7007-384-1.

The author approaches the issue of intercultural dialog from the feminist perspective. First, drawing on critical feminist theorists she outlines the critique of mainstream Western feminist approaches and the ways, in which they partake on simplistic ideological perception of non-western cultures, mainly by looking past the connection between global inequalities generated by neoliberal globalization and gender inequalities. Second, she introduces arguments exposing the cultural essentialism behind the dispute about the relationship between multiculturalism and feminism. Third, on these theses she builds the feminist argument that the practical realization of intercultural dialog in the contemporary context of neoliberal globalization requires basic elements of global social justice as a less demanding result of consensus in the context of present-day power relations. Forth, she continues by analysing the relationship between intracultural and intercultural dialog from the perspective of women´s struggles for recognition. On the one hand, the struggles for recognition of women in the context of their local cultural tradition, instead of paternalistic critique, need to be the frame of reference of feminist criticism. On the other hand, instead of boundless particularism serious attention needs to be focus on realization and enforcement of responsibility of Western countries and their citizens for elimination of harms of global inequalities in order to empower women in their intracultural dialog as a way for their inclusion in intercultural dialog.


sociology of law
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