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Křížková, Alena. 2003. „Kariérní vzorce žen v managementu. Strategie žen v rámci genderového režimu organizace.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 39 (4): 447-469. ISSN 0038-0288.

In the article, issues relating to the socio-political measures aimed at increasing flexibility in managing the relationship between the spheres of work and family on the individual level of life strategies are examined within the framework of the gender theories of organisation. The environment of management is described as a gender regime in which an organisational masculinity functions. On the basis of a case study of the life strategies of women in managerial positions and other results drawn from research on the management environment from a gender perspective, the author identifies strategies employed towards women, who in the management environment are in the position of tokens, by the gender regime and its actors in the highest positions of the organisational hierarchy, and identifies the strategies that in connection with these conditions are created by women who desire to succeed in an environment set up in this way.

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