Chapter in monograph
Smith, Michael L. 2007. „Making Direct Democracy Work: Czech Local Referendums in Regional Comparison.“ Pp. 67-102 in Delwit, Pacal, Jean-Benoit Pilet, Herwig Reynaert, Kristof Steyvers (eds.). Towards DIY-Politics? Participatory and Direct Democracy at the Local Level in Europe. Brugge: Vanden Broele. 365 s. ISBN 978-90-8584-484-6.

In the Visegrad states there have been few democratic devices of citizen participation in local politics that have been widely utilized in pratice. On eexception to this are local referendums. The chapter thus overviews data on the politics of local referendums in the Czech Republic from 2000-2006 and compares the Czech experience with that of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.


civil society
politics (and political attitudes)
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