Křížková, Alena, Pavlica, Karel. 2004. Management genderových vztahů. Postavení žen a mužů v organizaci. Praha: Management Press. 198 s. ISBN 80-7261-117-8.

This book is the first Czech attempt at a comprehensive understanding of gender relations within organisations. The book aims to clarify and describe the issues that the management of gender relations deals with, and to stimulate and advance gender awareness and sensitivity among readers. Experiences outside the Czech Republic and even studies within the country show that solutions to issues associated with the positions, functions and mutual relations of men and women are of fundamental strategic significance for the corporation and for Czech society as a whole. The book defines the concept of gender-integrated organisation in relation to companies that organise themselves and their practical operations according to the systematic application of the principle of equal treatment and equal opportunities for men and women.


social inequalities
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