Peer-reviewed journal article
Soukupová, Eva

Mateřská dovolená: Jak si stojíme v porovnání se Evropou?

Soukupová, Eva. 2007. „Mateřská dovolená: Jak si stojíme v porovnání se Evropou?“ Demografie 49 (1): 60-72. ISSN 0011-8265.

The article discusses in detail policies of maternity leave in several European countries. The prime focus is on the length and conditions of maternity leave and the amount of compensation paid through the maternity benefit. The outcome is a scale of all the countries based on a variable that combines the effects of both the amount of a monthly compensation in relation to the average income and the amount of maternity benefit paid during the whole course of maternity leave.


wages and incomes
social policy