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Durdovic, Martin. 2022. „ A Morphogenetic Approach to Social Aspects of Energy: The Case of Coal.“ Pp. 37-55 in Iwińska, Katarzyna & Bukowska, Xymena (eds.). Gender and Energy Transition. Cham: Springer. 226 s. ISBN 978-3-030-78415-7. DOI

This chapter proposes the morphogenetic approach, as elaborated within the confines of Margaret Archer’s critical realism, as a suitable starting point for theoretically grounded research into social aspects of energy. It demonstrates in outline the suitability of this approach in the special case of coal, the mining and combustion of which epitomize the ambiguity of the industrial era. The chapter applies the morphogenetic approach in a way, which is both comprehensive and responsive to empirical data. The analysis draws attention to the present-day constellation in Central Europe, where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic represent three different policies towards the active use of coal. The chapter concludes with a typology of structures conditioning social interaction around coal. This makes it possible to draw up a comprehensive research strategy embracing women’s perspective.


klimatická změna
sociologická teorie
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