Večerník, Jiří. 2001. Mzdová a příjmová diferenciace v České republice v transformačním období. Sociologické texty / Sociological Papers 01:5. Praha: Sociologický ústav AV ČR. 70 s. ISBN 80-85950-55-3.

Wage and income surveys covering the period 1989-1999 are used to display inequality of earnings and main factors of disparities. Increasing differences in the Czech Republic and the decreasing weight of demographic characteristics in wage structure are observed. Introduction of a market economy has led to earnings disparities more similar to those in the West. The "communist" demographic determination of earnings is being replaced to a great extent by "capitalist" market characteristics and ownership disparities, instead of political privileges, have come to the fore.


wages and incomes
social inequalities
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