Matějů, Petr, Klára Vlachová (eds.). 2000. Nerovnost, spravedlnost, politika. Česká republika 1991-1998. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství SLON. 402 s. ISBN 80-85850-82-6.

This mongrph is a result of the research, which took lace between 1991 and 1998and was focused primarily on pure sociological problems, concerning objectiveand subjective views on social stratification in the Czech Republic. It dealswith the development of social-economic status, perception fo social mobilityand social inequalities and with the formation of distributive justice norms.It contains also an analysis of the crystalisation of political attitudes, political orientations, of the role of values in voting behaviour and changes in it.


politics (and political attitudes)
social inequalities
elections (and polls)
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