Non-peer-reviewed article
Křížková, Alena

The Political Space for Women´s Agency in the Framework of EU Eastern Enlargement

Křížková, Alena. 2005. „The Political Space for Women´s Agency in the Framework of EU Eastern Enlargement.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 41 (6): 1137-1140. ISSN 0038-0288.

The article deals with the phenomenon of the sexual harassment in the working place in the Czech Republic. The authors analyze sexual harassment as one of effects of men’s symbolic power over women causing cultural misrecognition of women and at the same time as one of factors supporting economic inequality between men and women in western societies. They apply the two-dimensional theory of justice by Nancy Fraser and argue that the existence of sexual harassment confirms Fraser’s notion of gender as bivalent category as well as the necessity for combining the cultural politics of recognition with politics of redistribution. Furthermore, the article presents the research’s results on incidence and forms of the sexual harassment in the population of the Czech Republic which was realized by the Public Opinion Research Center and by the department Gender & sociology of the Institute of Sociology, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic. The research confirms the existence and high significance of the phenomenon of sexual harassment within the working relations in the Czech Republic.    


social inequalities