Brokl, Lubomír, Adéla Seidlová, Josef Bečvář, Petra Rakušanová. 1999. Postoje československých občanů k demokracii v roce 1968. Pracovní texty / Working Papers 99:8. Praha: Sociologický ústav AV ČR. 88 s.

A research work "Attitudes of citizens towards the politics" was carried out in May1968 for an "Interdisciplinary research team "Development of Democracy andPolitican System...". Its task was to identify political orientation of citizens (sample of 3600 respondents) in favour of a demcratic reform. Following the Occupation ofCzechoslovakia the data were not processed any more and tezy were lost. A third of them were found in 1998. The publication presents these data and theirfactor analysis. The results disprove most of existing evaluations of "the Prague Spring". The analysis identifies only one cleavage in 1968 - that=between the Czechs and Slovaks.


politics (and political attitudes)
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